Bureau Veritas provides oil analysis which identifies trends in wear and contamination, and monitors changes in the physical properties of lubricants and hydraulic oils

Bureau Veritas's industry leading software platform, LOAMS (Lube Oil Analysis Management System) allows our clients to manage their oil analysis data to significantly improve their machine health and increase equipment reliability. We employ the most qualified and experience laboratory personnel in the field of predictive maintenance and tribology - we employ more STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) and Oil Monitoring Analysts (MA) than any other commercial laboratory in the industry. We continue to be the model for innovation in oil analysis by not only keeping current with new trends but by developing analytical tests that respond to the needs of our customers.

Our Oil Condition Monitoring team currently offers Industrial Oil Analysis, Heavy Duty Oil Analysis, Fleet Oil Analysis, Diesel Fuel Analysis, Coolant Analysis, and Refrigerant Analysis.

For additional information please visit https://oil-testing.com/