Bureau Veritas customers require the highest quality measurement of physical and compositional properties of their product for custody transfer, royalty allocation, regulatory compliance and process optimization.  However, this measurement can be challenging for processes that create complex mixtures of oil, water, and solids that are bound together by chemical and physical forces.

Trained specifically in standardized industry collection procedures, our sampling technicians are proficient in the use of pressure/evacuated and displacement collection vessels, cooling coils, and automated samplers that are designed to collect and preserve the integrity of a sample until it is analyzed by our scientific team. We have specific expertise and procedures customized for emulsion sampling and tank collection.

Once back in the laboratory, the field samples go through a preparation process to remove all water and solids that may be present.  It is important that the light ends that are present must be completely captured and recombined with the cleaned bitumen.  Bureau Veritas has developed and industry-accepted practises that addresses this challenge, thus ensuring the most representative product that can them be used for assays, blend or compatibility studies, etc.

Bureau Veritas provides sample preparation services for oil sand core,  bitumen froth samples, SAGD bitumen/water emulsions, Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand – CHOPS.