Bureau Veritas is the trusted provider of emissions monitoring to a broad range of industries.

Bureau Veritas provides ambient air monitoring, source emission monitoring, and leak detection and repair (LDAR) services to help you meet provincial and federal regulatory requirements. From routine air quality analyses to specialized testing and support, Bureau Veritas provides customers with the assurance of accurate and defensible data. We adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure customers meet all operating approval requirements with the following services:

  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) – LDAR & fugitive emission monitoring programs using optical gas imaging and toxic vapour analyzers following provincial & federal regulations
  • Source Emission Monitoring – offering source emission surveys and Relative Accuracy Test Audits using promulgated reference methods and continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Ambient Air Monitoring  - air monitoring services in accordance with provincial & federal ambient air quality standards

We work with you to develop a monitoring program to comply with regulatory standards, optimize pollution abatement equipment, and evaluate process change in industrial plants.

Emission Monitoring Services include:

Ambient Air Monitoring
                 Ambient Air Monitoring
Passive Air
                    Passive Air Sampling
Stack Testing
            Source Emission Monitoring
Leak Detection and Repair
                 Leak Detection and Repair