Are you compliant with the new Benzene Emissions requirements pertaining to Directive 039?

In 2013, Directive 039 “established mandatory requirements to ensure continued reductions of benzene emissions to reduce the potential impact on the public. Subsequently, the directive was updated in June of 2018.

At Bureau Veritas, we can assist you with these questions and provide you with the right sampling and analysis required to ensure compliance with Directive 039. DEOS sheets are required and available for both operating and non-operating dehydrators. We can assist you in complying with the Directive 039, as we offer DEOS and Inventory List creation as part of our full-service commitment to our clients to meet the requirements of the directive.

For more details on our benzene emissions services and capabilities, please see Benzene Emissions (attached)Added information on Directive 039 can be found through the Alberta Energy Regulator.