We can adapt our services to meet the testing requirements for a broad range of industries

Bureau Veritas has unparalleled experience in conducting continuous emission monitoring, manual stack surveys, relative accuracy test audits (RATA), cylinder gas audits (CGA) and specialty test programs at industrial sites across Canada. We are the only air services laboratory in Canada accredited by the SCC offering source emissions surveys for ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, methanol, mercury, metals, particulates, PM10/2.5, SVOCs, THC, and various other compounds of interest.

Bureau Veritas is the Canadian leader in RATA of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) for vapour phase mercury using carbon sorbent traps. Our Ohio Lumex™ mercury analyzer is capable of completing field analysis according to EPA Method 30B. Our mercury analysts are certified by Ohio Lumex™ to EPA standards.  Our RATA and CGA testing include: CO, CO2, NOx, O2, SO2, THC, flows and temperature.