Bureau Veritas offers the widest array of multi-element packages to suit the needs and budgets of all exploration teams

Exploration geochemistry analysis typically consists of two stages - the first, comprising extraction of the desired elements followed by the second stage of element determination by instrumental analysis. Extraction can be partial to measure only non-resistive elements of interest or the extraction can be total to measure the total abundance of the elements from all minerals in the sample.

Another technique, Neutron Activation Analysis, omits the first (extraction) stage of analysis, achieving referee accuracy total analysis with no sample preparation.

Our laboratories are renowned for the use of cutting edge technologies to obtain the low levels of detection needed to meet exploration geochemical requirements.

Our services include:

  • Aqua Regia Digest ICP
  • Fusion Techniques
  • General Chemistry
  • Laser Ablation ICP-MS
  • Lithogeochemistry
  • Mixed Acid Digest ICP
  • Neutron Activation Analysis
  • Vegetation Analysis
  • XRF