Are you having issues with your manufacturing process?

Are you searching for answers to product performance, problems in your manufacturing process, product integrity in your distribution channels, or looking to track the source of indoor air quality complaints?  Bureau Veritas has the investigative analytical expertise you need in helping with root cause investigation and problem resolution. 

Our network of professionals brings a unique skill set of critical thinking, technical expertise in manufacturing and industrial processes, and vast analytical resources to apply to your project. We understand that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and will create a specific work plan to address your unique scenario, find the root cause and resolve the problem.   

We can address a wide variety of problems related to consumer product aesthetic quality, odor identification, foreign material identification, forensic analysis/litigation support, potential adverse human health effects related to material use, toxicological risk assessment, and employee complaints.

Let the Bureau Veritas team of professional investigators help you with a solution!