Bureau Veritas’s animal DNA Laboratory has been providing animal DNA testing and expert service to the livestock and breeding industry since 1986. Our laboratory in Guelph, Ontario is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada and is a participating member of ISAG.  Testing services include: parentage / identity verification, genetic abnormality testing, heritable traits of interest including: horned/polled, coat colour, and milk protein testing, pedigree reconstruction, and identity testing for quality control programs. 

We service pedigreed livestock, animal breeding, artificial insemination, equine racing & doping control, animal and semen export, and traceability & certification applications.  Species that we test include: horse, cattle, swine and goat.  We support the artificial insemination (AI) industry and animal genetics through DNA analysis of commercial semen straws. Animal DNA testing for artificial insemination may include the following applications: sire verification of AI calves, quality control and confirmation of sex sorting.