1. Does Bureau Veritas perform drinking water testing for Ontario?

Yes we do. For details on the options available, sampling instructions and links to the government guidelines and regulations, please click here. Maxxam’s main lab facility in Mississauga, Ontario is accredited by SCC for all analyses performed on water samples.

2. Does Bureau Veritas offer any analysis of private residence potable water?

Bureau Veritas’ Routine Comprehensive Package (RCAp) is specifically for testing drinking water from private residences. Contact ONwater@bvlabs.com for a full list of the tests included in this package. Clients are able to add and remove analyses to accommodate their specific concerns and needs.

3. Can Bureau Veritas tell me if my water is safe to drink?

No. As an analytical laboratory, Bureau Veritas cannot state whether water is potable or safe for drinking. We provide quality analytical results for the parameters you request us to test for. We are however able to test for almost the full scope of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Reports include Ontario’s standards for clients to be able to compare where results stand in comparison to the provincial standards.

4. What is included in the cost of testing?

Bureau Veritas provides all the required sampling containers that are shipped to our clients free! The cost covers containers, analysis, final report and access to a customer service representative to answer any of your questions. It would be your responsibility to collect the sample and deliver it to our main lab located at 6740 Campobello Road in Mississauga.

5. What is the process and how do I get started?

Email ONwater@bvlabs.com or call us at 905 817 5700 to speak to someone about your water concerns. We will then provide a quote based on your requirements. If you decide to proceed, Bureau Veritas will send sampling containers via courier service to any location within Ontario. The turnaround time is based on the analysis you request and is counted from the day your samples are delivered to the lab. Reports can be issued via email, fax or hard copy.