People and their ideas are respected and rewarded

At Bureau Veritas, we realize that as a collective, diverse team, we can achieve great things together. Satisfaction and pride arise from great performance and from providing unparalleled quality and service. Every day, we look for better, smarter solutions and aim to achieve the extraordinary. We pride ourselves on being:

  • Trustworthy
  • Engaged
  • Creative
  • Results-oriented
  • Caring


Career Paths at Bureau Veritas

Curious about Bureau Veritas' career paths? Get to know our various career types and departments below:

Sales - VP of Sales, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Representative, Sales Admin.

Quality Assurance - Vice President QHSE, Sr. QA Manager, QA Manager, QA Specialist, QA Coordinator, QA Assistant 

Laboratories - VP of Operations, General Manager, Lab Manager, Lab Supervisor, Team Lead, Sr. Analyst, Analyst II, Analyst I, Technician, Assistant. 

Information Technologies - Director, IS, Sr. IT Manage Sr. System Developer, System Developer, Sr. Software Developer, Software Developer, Sr. Manager, IT Projects, Sr. Business Analyst, Business Analyst, LIMS Support Specialist, Regional IT Manager, Sr. Systems Specialist, System Specialist 

Customer Service - CS Director, CS Manager, CS Supervisor, CET Lead, CS Specialist, Project Manager Sr., Project Manager II, Project Manager I, Project Manager, Project Manager Assistant, Administration/Receptionist, Sample Login Technician, Sample Reception/ Inspection, Bottle Preparation Technician 

Human Resources - HR Director, HR Manager, HR Specialist, HR Coordinator, HR Assistant, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Assistant

Finance - CFO, Controller, Sr. Finance Manager, A/R and A/P Supervisor, A/R and A/P Coordinator 

Marketing - Marketing Manager, Marketing Program Manager

Hear From Our Team

“We foster the development and use of sound science. What is most rewarding is the opportunity to apply the science to real-life projects and situations.” - Virgil, Consulting Scientist 

“Bureau Veritas has offered me the chance to be involved in the fascinating field of forensic science. I will always remember that day we worked on a shrunken body DNA case that became part of a TV series. I have even testified in court on four occasions.” - Stephanie, Quality Assurance Coordinator

“Over the past 19 years I have moved from Sample Reception to Project Management and now into Revenue Management. My Bureau Veritas family encourages, supports and challenges me every day.” - Andrea, Pricing Analyst 

“I came to Canada in 2007. Two years later, I started with Bureau Veritas. Love every single aspect of my journey and appreciate the things I learned along the way. Being a part of our customer success and growth makes me feel proud, it is especially valuable when they recognize the efforts and make you feel almost like being the part of their family.” - Ana, Customer Service Representative

“During my time here at Bureau Veritas I am amazed at the commitment our staff have for our customers. Our focus is on delivering accurate results on time and this sets us apart from our competitors. We are the clear choice in providing the best customer experience imaginable.” - Rodney, Operations Manager - Organic Processing Lab 

Join Our Team

Submit your resume directly to us via our opportunities page. We will contact you directly to discuss your interest in the role and our company, your experience, and qualifications. We will discuss how your skills and qualifications will add to our team. Once hired, you will learn more about our culture, vision, mission and values, and how they guide our everyday actions.