Guaranteeing quality, ensuring Health and Safety, mitigating risks and improving performance as well as environmental protection and social responsibility … This is what Bureau Veritas is about.  Elevating standards worldwide is what we do, truly believing that it contributes to bettering society. 

Blending performance & integrity, with ambition & humility, we have been and continue to be part of progress that wishes to enhance the world we live in.

Choosing to be a part of Bureau Veritas is choosing to be a part of this progress.

We are proud to say that we leave a mark on what we do, We are proud that our people leave a mark on what they do.

We believe in our talents and encourage each and every one of them to be open to the new; challenging and improving the way we work, today and for the years to come.

In that spirit we respect our people and empower them to leave their mark, working all together as a team for the benefit of our clients and society.

Our people are ambitious and humble, believing in what they do and convinced that our purpose is shaping a world of trust.

With responsibility and openness, they daily serve our 400.000 clients in 140 countries, to bettering society.

Across all our businesses and countries, each one of our people leaves their mark in shaping society.

We believe that leaving a mark is a true challenge and opportunity for every one of us. We believe that leaving a mark is a sign of trust and impact.

We believe that leaving a mark is a bond with the future. We believe that leaving a mark is proof of growth and development.

Being part of the BV family, is more than just working, it’s being convinced that you will

Leave your mark…. in shaping society.



Why Join Bureau Veritas?

Be Supported

Comprehensive and preventive health care provides peace of mind. It plays an important part in protecting you and your family from the financial risks of unexpected illness and injury. Bureau Veritas offers two types of comprehensive health care options – chose which one suits the needs of you and your family.

Be Recognized 

Bureau Veritas values the contributions you make to our customers, our communities and our organization. We recognize your efforts and successes through various awards, including our coveted annual Values Award. Nominated by your peers and celebrated on a national level, this is our most prestigious award! We celebrate day-to-day creativity through continuous improvement awards and recognize your service through milestone awards and certificates. Additionally, we are proud to share the great work we do through our peer to peer recognition and rewards program, Bravo.

Be Developed 

As a member of our team you will be provided with unlimited training opportunities. Our employees have a depth of knowledge unparalleled in the industry. We are also proud to offer tuition reimbursement for approved courses, seminars and webinars that contribute to your ongoing career development. In addition to technical learning, we also provide comprehensive sessions to ensure you understand your benefits, wellness and support programs. Learn from the best, be the best!

Learn About Our Career Opportunities 

Ready to learn more about what types of careers are available at Bureau Veritas? Visit our opportunities page and consider applying today!

Current Opportunities